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Italienische Spezialitäten


Borrelli Fine Foods




I always want to deal with new realities, and challenges have always fascinated me.

In 2014 I founded Borrelli Fine Foods in Munich, an import/export company for all the products of the parent companies produced and owned by my family in Puglia, Italy.

Among them we have: Borrelli srl and Arte srl, experienced in creating excellent products, from pasta to packaged fish products, from preserves and seafood salads to ready-made sauces. Arte with his biogas plant has led to the creation of a circular ecnomy, everything comes from the earth and everything goes back to it.

The first reference market for us, 50 years ago, was the German one, so it is important to be able to be personally present on this territory and therefore, to have direct contact with our customers.

In 2020, my entrepreneurial spirit led to the need to create a new brand, NooraB, that would encapsulate the traditions of my birthplace in Puglia and export them to a wider horizon.

Good, healthy, sustainable and handed down are our pillars.

Everything that isn't used is not lost and is transformed into an added value, for us, for you and for the reality that surrounds us.
In fact, Noora B is an expression of local tradition, which finds creative and engaging expression in 3 areas that are harmoniously combined: food, fashion & discovery experience.

From the passion for Beauty, the desire to create a mini-capsule: a few essential garments that are visually and ideologically intense, made with eco-sustainable or recycled fabrics. Each piece bears witness to the stories that inspire us.

About me: i like riding horses; playing tennis; travelling and discovering new cultures and idiologies; reading philosophical and historical texts and last but not least, I am also a wine and whiskey sommelier.





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