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You live once - invest in yourself.

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Master Photographer


Starupphoto, Fotografin


  • Specialising in Supermodel for a day experience with team of Hair and Make up plus Business Branding Photos and fine art children and family portraits


München, Starnberg


I’m a Danish portrait photographer located in Starnberg, Germany.


My passion is to help you see your inner and outer beauty - and capture your unique story in the most gorgeous pictures you have ever seen of yourself! Over the last years, I’ve empowered hundreds of everyday women to discover their true beauty through this mind-altering photoshoot-experience (and have tons of fun doing so)!


I provide a safe space among women where you can express yourself without judgement. I‘ll be your cheerleader, celebrating who are are now, and honouring the journey that got you here. I know it’s frustrating when pictures of you never showed the wonderful and unique women you really are.


But as an internationally awarded & Master Photographer with focus on women, it is my goal to provide you with a  transformative experience which allows you to feel alive and energised. I am here to help you awaken your inner goddess and remind you that you are gorgeous just they way you are. You deserve stunning pictures of yourself that freeze the moment forever.


 I am to help you with that and I can’t wait to make magic with you soon! 



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